You are a young man who has just graduated from university and has nothing to do. Your lonely Uncle George has finally decided to return to the world by going on vacation for several months and offering you some light housework while he’s gone. You will take the opportunity to earn some easy money and live in a new place, the last period of fun and party before real life begins.

You visited it a few more times when you were younger but lost contact with everyone you knew there. As soon as you approach the city limits, you’ll recognize a young woman named Riley and quickly renew your friendship with her.

She’s in a bad position right now, so you offer her temporary accommodation in exchange for her showing you around and introducing her to her friends… Soon you’ll meet her best friend, the spontaneous Lilly, her evil stepsister. Heather and a host of other people, each with their own unique story and character.

Episode 3

This episode brings a lot of relationship development as well as some unexpected twists and also allows for a new encounter with a mysterious bar girl.

As always, there are many options, many possibilities to meet the girl you love and move on.

The plot thickens regarding the relationship between Heather and Riley.

Lilly is furious to find out something she never should have known.

The episode is full of intrigue and instructive events, it really intrigues and sets up the best Episode there will ever be which is Episode 4 where the story split really goes off the charts.

If you played the previous parts, be sure to play this one as a lot of things are cleared up in it.

It also contains many new voice files, some sound effects, and music tracks.

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Game Link: Erotica – New Episode 3 Download

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