Who We are

Special needs individuals often have musical and artistic tendencies.  Our mission is to help them explore these creative interests, with the goal of also improving their essential social, behavior, cognitive skills.  It is known that children on the autism spectrum, ADHD, and those with other neurological or physical disorders often have difficulty calming themselves and managing their emotions.  Through exploring and developing their musical strengths, they can learn techniques to help achieve these important skills.

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“We want to inspire and promote individuals diagnosed with autism and related disorders excel in their music and artistic abilities, while helping them establish a stronger connection to their daily lives.  We will help facilitate musical experiences and opportunities, especially ones that are not covered by insurance or public education funding” – EndlessBrain founder.

Our goal is to teach individuals to tune into the power of their musical expression, while unlocking their potential in other areas, including self-confidence, mindfulness, and self-awareness.  We want to integrate this concept among families of children on the autism spectrum and other related disorders, as a way to help alleviate some of the difficulties of their day-to-day living. Allowing children discover their own musical talents by creating a place for them and their parents to enjoy each other’s endless abilities welcoming creativity to endless possibilities.

Finally, we want to create opportunities through organized social gatherings, including park activities, musical events, summer camps, and after school programs.  Some proposed ways of fund-raising include collaboration with music industry leaders, and consultation with special needs education investors.  Through our efforts, we are confident that we can increase the public’s understanding of science-based musical learning, while exploring the empirical and tangible effectiveness of rehabilitative efforts for individuals with special needs.

Our mission

Creating an opportunity for special needs children that help them explore musical aptitudes with the goal of improving their self-esteem by building a stronger connection to their essential social, behavioral and cognitive skills.

Our Vision

To create free year round complementary programs across the country where special needs children are given opportunities to explore their musical abilities that target self-esteem and skills acquisition.

What we do

We are working hard to create as many musical learning opportunities to special needs children in our communities. EndlessBrain musical learning is not a therapeutically approach, EndlessBrain does not provide any kind of therapy, rather we create opportunities to capture their interests and attention making learning most meaningful and fun. Through mindfulness, musical, theatrical, and artistic activities we found learning to be most effective not only when it comes to skills acquisitions but to connect with our heart and bodies. Discovering self-awareness and consciousness of our own power is a practice we want to be recognized by children who participate in EndlessBrain programs. We focus on discovering their talents and creating a specific path for learning to occur in the most natural way. EndlessBrain is a safe and friendly space created for special needs individuals, where they can feel fully accepted and comfortable, where they can be excited to participate and enjoy their preferred activities, socialize with others through meaningful learning.

Our Philosophy

We feel that music is the connection to all learning and by promoting our children’s musical abilities they are able to discover their own unique way of learning to open walls of endless possibilities. We believe that all children have access to these endless possibilities when we develop on them self-confidence and give them positive support while promoting their creativity and interests. This is why we only focus on their special abilities and never on the “disabilities” showing the world all the incredible talents they have. We celebrate all abilities every day! We thrive to achieve not only awareness but total acceptance across our communities about special needs and what their families deal with every day, they are our heroes and endless inspiration. Nothing is to be fixed, they are perfect as they are and together we want to bring their skills level up, let them shine, and help them discover their own amazingness.

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